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Probation Violation Lawyer Phoenix Arizona

Some criminal defendants believe that their case is over after they have been sentenced. Nothing can be further from the truth. Even if you are convicted of a minor or petty offense, the court may sentence you to a period of probation or supervised release. This does not mean that you are free to do as you please, however: violating the conditions imposed on you can result in serious consequences which would probably require a probation violation lawyer in Phoenix Arizona. If in the case that you are accused of violating your probation or other supervised release, you need the aggressive, knowledgeable, and successful legal counsel of The Ferragut Law Firm on your side. We can help reduce – or in some cases avoid – the penalties and consequences. Call 602-324-5300 today – we are available to be your top rated probation violation lawyer Phoenix Arizona.

How Did I Violate My Probation?

Before or shortly after being placed on probation, you will be informed of the conditions you must meet to successfully complete probation. If you fail to comply with these conditions, a court can find that you violated your probation. People tend to violate their probation by:

  • Obtaining another charge or conviction (even a traffic ticket can be enough in some cases);
  • Drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs;
  • Contacting the victim, a co-defendant, or any other person you are ordered not to contact;
  • Failing to pay fines and costs you are ordered to pay;
  • Failing to report to your supervising officer as directed;
  • Failing to successfully complete court-ordered drug, alcohol, anger management, and/or mental treatment.

Any one of these actions or inactions can be enough to convince a judge you violated your probation. It is not uncommon for the prosecution to wait until there have been several violations before bringing this to the judge’s attention.

What Happens if I Violate My Probation?

A violation of your probation can result in your probation being revoked. This action can have serious repercussions, including the court imposing a prison sentence. Depending on how severe your violation is as well as other relevant factors, possible outcomes following a probation violation include:

  • Reinstatement on probation with the original terms and conditions;
  • Reinstatement on probation with additional terms and/or conditions;
  • Reinstatement on probation with more intensive supervision;
  • Jail/prison sanctions.

When you are charged with violating your probation, your first court hearing will inform you of how you are alleged to have violated your probation. Mr. Ferragut will do everything anything possible to have you reinstated on probation.

If no agreement is reached, you will have an opportunity to admit or deny the alleged violations. If you admit to– or if you deny the allegations and the prosecutor presents evidence showing you did violate your terms of probation – the court will determine how to dispose of your case. Serious violations (such as new criminal charges or failing to report) or repeat violations will increase the likelihood of a more severe disposition.

Charged with a Probation Violation? Mr. Ferragut Can Help!

You should treat a probation violation allegation as seriously as a criminal charge and retain experienced legal counsel. Just because you do not believe your violation is serious does not mean that a court will see it that way, too. Attorney Ulises Ferragut can help you negotiate for the reinstatement of your probation. Where this is not possible, Mr. Ferragut can challenge the evidence of the violation at your violation hearing. Even if you are found to have violated your probation, Mr. Ferragut can help argue why jail or prison would not appropriate for you.

Arizona probation violation defense attorney Ulises A. Ferragut, Jr. is experienced in representing criminal defendants through all stages of criminal proceedings, including probation violation hearings. He will fight aggressively to have your probation reinstated for the original term and with the original conditions. Call the successful probation violation lawyer specialist in AZ. Contact the Ferragut Law Firm today for an initial free consultation by calling 602-324-5300 or 602-370-4597 for assistance at night and on weekends.

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