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White Collar Crime Defense Attorney Phoenix AZ

White Collar Crimes Defense Attorney Phoenix AZ

Enron, Bernie Madoff, WorldCom — All are names synonymous with white collar crimes. As opposed to crimes such as murder and criminal damage to property, white collar crimes are typically financial or computer crimes committed in a business or professional environment that do not result in any physical harm to a person. This does not mean that these crimes are not serious, however: white collar crimes can ruin individuals and businesses, causing millions of dollars in damage. Some victims of white collar crime never recover: retirement accounts or savings are depleted or the business is bankrupt and must close its doors.

Unlike some crimes that are only prosecuted by state or local governments, white collar crimes can be prosecuted by the federal government as well. To defend against charges of white collar crime, you need a white collar crime defense attorney Phoenix AZ whom has handled these type of cases. Attorney Ulises A. Ferragut, Jr. of the Ferragut Law Firm is able to represent clients in both state and federal prosecutions. Mr. Ferragut has two decades of experience in white collar crime representation. Contact the Ferragut Law Firm for help with your white collar crime defense attorney Phoenix AZ.

Common White Collar Crimes

Regardless of the victim or the specific type of white collar crime, all crimes of this nature are inherently complex and technical. You will need an attorney who is very familiar with the various types of white collar crimes and the evidence that the prosecution will use to prove their case in order to prepare and present a winning defense.

Common white collar crimes include:

  • Fraud: Anytime someone does something that is illicit for their own benefit can be considered fraudulent. These behaviors include falsifying financial information, misrepresenting themselves in a profession that they are not licensed in and/or performing activities in that profession, insider trading, and participating in schemes that are designed to hide corporate activities and defraud regulating authorities.
  • Embezzlement: is when someone decides to find a way to take money from their employer and benefit for either themselves or someone else, without the approval of their employer. Anyone that is in the position of handling the finances of a company, whether it is a cashier handling financial transactions or someone that has access to the company checking account or the books, has the ability to funnel funds away from the company and into their own or someone else’s account. In a word, this is stealing.
  • Insider Trading: Simply put, insider trading occurs when a person obtains knowledge about a company that the public does not know and then uses that information to buy or sell stock. A person can be held responsible for insider trading even if he or she simply passes the pertinent information on to another person who actually does trade. In either event, insider trading is typically prosecuted by the federal government.

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Winning a White Collar Crime Case

A white collar crime defense attorney Phoenix AZ does not have an easy job. It is not enough to simply say that you did not do what the government accuses you of doing. An experienced attorney will usually begin with a careful evaluation of the reports and affidavits of the investigating officer. White collar crimes tend to require proof of specific factual elements, and a white collar crime defense attorney will know how to consider and refute the proof the government intends to offer. Where appropriate, the defense may retain the services of experts in accounting, computers, or other fields to offer an alternative opinion to those of the government’s experts.

Ulises A. Ferragut, Jr. and the Ferragut Law Firm have represented clients in several high profile cases and have been relied on as an authoritative commentator on legal matters both locally and nationally. Mr. Ferragut is licensed in state and federal courts and he possesses the knowledge and tenacity necessary to fight for clients accused of committing a white collar crime. Set up your free initial consultation today by calling (602) 898-9895 during business hours or 602-370-4597 for assistance at night and on weekends.

Common White Collar Crimes (Continued)

Other common white collar crimes include:

  • Computer/internet crimes: Using an electronic device like a home computer or an ATM to carry out a fraudulent transaction is considered a white collar crime. Even accessing a computer without the owner’s permission can be punished as a misdemeanor. “Hacking,” or more serious schemes involving a computer device or the internet, can be punished as felonies.
  • Identity theft: When you use the personal identifying information of another – another person’s birth date, name, social security number – or hold yourself out to be someone you are not, you have committed identity theft. Because of the complications and difficulties victims of identity theft can experience, identity theft and related crimes are typically felony offenses punishable by incarceration in a state prison and significant fines.

Here are 5 of the most common types of white collar crimes. Here are our other practice areas.