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Arrested? Get Ferragut!

Criminal Defense Attorney Phoenix Criminal Lawyers

Get Ferragut – the battle-tested courtroom warrior that’s tough on prosecutors and straight with clients.

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    Our Criminal Defense Attorney Phoenix Criminal Lawyer Practice Areas:

    Our Criminal Defense Practice Areas:

    Assault/Aggravated Assault Defense

    If you're arrested for assault charges in Phoenix or anywhere in Maricopa Country or Arizona, you need to build a strong defense case so you... Learn More


    Drug Crimes/Drug Charges Defense

    Aside from simple possession of a drug, there are a number of other drug-related charges that you may face. Learn More

    DUI Charges Defense

    Just one DUI charge can cause you grief for years. Don't let a DUI charge become a problem for you - there are many defenses... Learn More

    Homicide/Murder Cases

    If you've been charged with murder/homicide, you know the penalties are severe. You need tough counsel to help fight the charges... Learn More

    Rule 32 Post Conviction Relief Representation

    Did your trial not go well or you feel like you were forced to take a plea? You still have legal options that could swing in your favor... Learn More

    Probation Violation Defense

    Probation violations can cause you big problems, especially if it's been multiple times. Discover options you many not know about... Learn More

    Sex Crime Defense

    Arizona sex crimes including child molestation, indecent exposure, sexual abuse, and sexual assault are extremely serious... Learn More

    White Collar Crime Charges

    White collar crimes such as fraud, counterfeiting and bribery are usually very complex because of the circumstances and time frames... Learn More

    Other Felony Defense

    There are a number of felony offenses in Arizona. A felony offense is assigned a “class” number, ranging from 1 to 6, by the legislature. Learn More

    "I have used the Ferragut Law Firm in 2 cases personally and he has also represented my brother and father. In all our criminal defense cases he was very attentive to our needs, he did what he promised he would do and did his best in each individual case. I can say that I trust him with my life because he saved mine more than once. Thank you" - Britni D

    Criminal Defense Attorney Phoenix Law Firm

    Not all defense attorneys are equal. Some will fight for you, others won’t. You have the right to a strong defense with a tough criminal attorney whom will fight for you in court, with the most prepared and strongest case in your favor that’s possible. As a top rated Phoenix criminal defense attorney, we bring top results for our client’s cases in any Phoenix and Arizona courtroom because we fight for your rights and your life like it was our own. Not arrested in Phoenix? We represent clients in all court districts of Arizona.

    Here is what we promise to you when you retain us as your defense lawyer:

    • As your Phoenix criminal attorney, we will always do everything possible to defend your case.
    • We will pay attention to every detail in your criminal defense case.
    • We will always be straight with you and never promise what we can’t deliver.
    • We will aggressively advocate for you in and out of the courtroom.
    • We will have an open communications policy with you because this will provide the best chances for legal defense success in your case.
    • We will provide the most aggressive, professional, and effective representation for your defense case.
    • We will ensure that your legal rights are protected.
    • Mr. Ferragut will personally handle your case AND go to court with you

    Mr. Ferragut has successfully defended many high-profile cases in the State of Arizona (see our news coverage links above), yet he remains reasonably priced and available when you need a strong and aggressive criminal defense attorney in Phoenix or anywhere in Arizona.

    Why Choose
    Ulises Ferragut as Your Phoenix Criminal Attorney?

    Criminal Defense Attorney Phoenix Criminal LawyersYour case will be personally handled by defense attorney Ulises Ferragut. He and his legal team are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the field of criminal law because that’s all they focus on. Your criminal case will have the greatest advantage because of their superior level of skill, knowledge, and experience.

    Mr. Ferragut, Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney, has successfully litigated hundreds of criminal cases over the past two decades in numerous courtrooms throughout Arizona. Those cases include cases from misdemeanor and felony DUI to drug defense cases to white collar crime defense, sex crime defense and many other serious felony cases, to homicide defense cases. Ulises Ferragut is well-known for his tough demeanor in the courtroom and straight approach with his clients. He’ll tell you exactly the way it is because you need to know what to expect, without hearing false promises.

    His reputation as a tough, aggressive, and highly experienced fighter in the courtroom evolves from his military background. Mr. Ferragut is a veteran and former United States Marine Corps Officer. He knows how to fight and win because he’s tough on prosecutors and is always fully prepared.

    Here is an article from 2002 that details Mr. Ferragut’s younger days as an attorney. Here are just some of his case results.

    Please feel free to check our Google review ratings. We’re a top rated Phoenix criminal defense attorney. Please call us with any questions you may have at any time – 602-324-5300.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Does a Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

    This type of attorney provides defense representation to people accused of breaking a criminal law. They usually provide a free consultation to the person in trouble with the law. When they’re hired, the attorney gathers all of the information in the case and all the evidence that others have collected.

    Although the attorney’s goal is to defend the person accused of the crime, the primary jobs of the attorney are:

    1) Discuss the case with the prosecutor to discover what evidence and witnesses exist that can be damaging to the defendant
    2) Fully research the criminal case including getting defense witnesses, preparing for a cross-examination for the prosecutor’s witnesses, and gather any other evidence that exists to help the defense case
    3) Make a judgement call on whether a case has enough merit to go to trial and beat or reduce the charges
    3a) An experienced attorney in that court will know the judges and how they’ve tended to rule in similar cases
    4) Research previous similar cases in the state to provide additional defense ammunition in the case as necessary
    5) Take any additional legal steps including researching any possible violations in legal procedure by the authorities

    Many times a case won’t go to trial – this usually occurs when a case is settled through a plea agreement. If the case does go to court, the criminal attorney may also enlist expert witnesses to help their case in court. A lawyer from the firm will go to court with the defendant to defend the case, whether they’re in front of a judge only or a full-blown jury trial.

    NOTE: in a smaller or boutique law firm, the lawyer that goes to court is also the lawyer you retained. In a large firm, you may be handed off to a junior lawyer – you should always ask about this because you need to know who will actually represent you in court.

    What Are Some of the Charges That Criminal Defense Attorneys Help People Defend Against?

    Criminal law firms help people accused of violating one or more laws, as the case against them calls for. They defend against drunk driving cases, drug offenses, family matters such as domestic violence charges and child abuse charges, assault charges, theft crimes, sex offenses and prostitution, misdemeanor charges, white collar crimes, other misdemeanors such as shoplifting and traffic offenses and drug offenses such as marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine. They also help defend other serious felonies such as murder and homicides, charge conspiracies, and burglaries.

    When Should I Look for a Criminal Lawyer?
    You should consider looking for a Phoenix criminal attorney as soon as you have been arrested, no matter how big or small the case is. Here’s why – any time you’re arrested your life is on the line. Any wrong move or statement on your part could mean the difference between going free and spending time in prison. This could possibly have lifetime consequences. VERY bad consequences.

    It’s very likely that you’re not familiar with criminal law in Arizona. That’s your defense attorney’s job so do yourself a huge favor – act respectfully and appropriately with the legal authorities and let an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer help you with the legalities of your case.

    How Do I Hire a Phoenix Criminal Lawyer?
    The first step in hiring a criminal attorney is to schedule a consultation with them. You should be provided with a no charge, gratis, free consultation. Bring all of your paperwork with you along with any notes you’ve taken about the case. Be sure to tell the truth along with any other details in the case. You can also ask your potential criminal attorney about bringing any witnesses. It’s possible you may be able to, depending on the attorney and your case.

    If you feel comfortable that the lawyer can help you at the end of the consultation and they feel comfortable representing you, you’ll be able to retain them by giving them the requested retainer fee.

    What Does it Take For a Criminal Lawyer to Defend Me?
    Again this really depends on the charges and how complicated your criminal case is. Some cases are rather cut and dry and can be resolved rather easily. When a case can resolve early in the process through a plea agreement a settlement can be rather speedy. Other cases, however, may take a year or longer to resolve due to the various court dates and requirements involved, selecting juries and a judge, and generally going through the process.

    The more complicated a case is, the more time it takes on the attorney’s behalf and therefore it will cost more to go through the procedures to build an effective defense and then go through the actual trial process.

    Is Hiring My Own Criminal Lawyer the Best Choice?
    In a criminal case, you have 3 choices:

    1) You represent yourself. Here’s some questions regarding whether you should choose this option: Do you know the law? Do you know courtroom procedure? Do you have a realistic possibility of getting off the charges or lessening the charges? REMEMBER you have only ONE chance at this – there’s no do-overs in court.

    2) You use the appointed county defender’s office. More questions to ask: Are they good enough to represent you in your case and achieve your goals? Will they have the time to devote to your case? Will they be responsive to your communications and needs?

    3) You hire your own defense lawyer. Why do that? A paid criminal lawyer will generally be experienced, versus being fresh out of law school. A paid defense attorney will make sure they have the time to fully prepare your case to get the best results. Their reputation is what they live on, unlike the county defender.

    The paid criminal attorney will also make sure they’re available to you at an earliest opportunity, versus waiting for weeks for that return call or text message from an over-burdened county defender. More questions: Can you afford a paid criminal attorney? In reality, can you afford NOT to hire them?

    You have to make up your own mind. But no matter what choice you make, you have to live with that choice for the rest of your life. That by itself should be the most important qualifier in deciding how to defend your case.

    Can a Criminal Lawyer Really Get Me Off my Charges?
    This really depends on what the charges are and whether you really did the crime. If you didn’t really do the crime or there are extenuating circumstances that would make you innocent in the eyes of the law, it is imperative that the Phoenix criminal attorney (or Arizona criminal attorney) do everything they can to get you off the charges.

    However, if you really did it and it’s a serious crime, the chances of you getting off the charges are much less likely. However anything is possible. Over the course of time, many people that committed crimes have gotten off the charges on a legal technicality. Therefore that’s definitely something we always ask about and look into.

    Will you Take on Juveniles Accused of Crimes or Violated Probation and Missed Counseling Appointments?

    We accept people on a case by case basis because there’s a lot of variables involved. If you know a juvenile under 18 that’s in trouble with the law go ahead and call us. Our goal is to always help people avoid further legal consequences.

    What's a White-Collar Crime?

    Those are typically crimes committed at the place of employment by an employee or even an owner. These crimes can include forgery, credit card fraud, money laundering, and embezzlement,

    What Types of Legal Cases Don't You Help With?

    We only focus on criminal defense. This means we don’t do estate law, family law, business law, injury law, property law, litigation or prosecution law, tax evasion law, estate planning, or bankruptcy or debt help.


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