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Criminal Defense Attorney Phoenix DUI Criminal Lawyers

Tough Criminal and
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Our Focus Areas:

Assault Charges Defense

If you're arrested for assault charges in Phoenix or anywhere in Maricopa Country or Arizona, you need to build a strong defense case so you... Learn More


Drug Charges Defense

Aside from simple possession of a drug, there are a number of other drug-related charges that you may face. Learn More

DUI Charges Defense

Just one DUI charge can cause you grief for years. Don't let a DUI charge become a problem for you - there are many defenses... Learn More

Homicide/Murder Cases

If you've been charged with murder/homicide, you know the penalties are severe. You need tough counsel to help fight the charges... Learn More

Rule 32 Post Conviction Relief Representation

Did your trial not go well or you feel like you were forced to take a plea? You still have legal options that could swing in your favor... Learn More

Probation Violation Defense

Probation violations can cause you big problems, especially if it's been multiple times. Discover options you many not know about... Learn More

Sex Crime Defense

Arizona sex crimes including child molestation, indecent exposure, sexual abuse, and sexual assault are extremely serious... Learn More

White Collar Crime Charges

White collar crimes such as fraud, counterfeiting and bribery are usually very complex because of the circumstances and time frames... Learn More

Other Felony Defense

There are a number of felony offenses in Arizona. A felony offense is assigned a “class” number, ranging from 1 to 6, by the legislature. Learn More

"I have used the Ferragut Law Firm in 2 cases personally and he has also represented my brother and father. In all our criminal defense cases he was very attentive to our needs, he did what he promised he would do and did his best in each individual case. I can say that I trust him with my life because he saved mine more than once. Thank you" - Britni D

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We want you to be successful in your case so our top priority is to achieve the absolute best possible results for you. As a top rated Phoenix criminal defense attorney, we bring top results for our criminal defense cases in Phoenix and Arizona - we represent clients in all court districts of Arizona.

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Mr. Ferragut has been successful defending many high-profile cases in the State of Arizona (see our news coverage links above), yet he remains reasonably priced and available when you need a strong and aggressive criminal defense attorney in Phoenix or anywhere in Arizona.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Phoenix Criminal LawyersDefense Attorney Ulises Ferragut and his legal team are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the field of criminal law. Their superior level of skill, knowledge, and experience will help achieve the best result for your case. Mr. Ferragut, Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney, has successfully litigated hundreds of criminal cases over the past two decades in numerous courtrooms throughout Arizona. Those cases include cases from misdemeanor and felony DUI to drug defense cases to white collar crime defense, sex crime defense and many other serious felony cases, to homicide defense cases. Ulises Ferragut is well-known for his tough demeanor in the courtroom and amazing caring approach to his clients.

His reputation as a tough, aggressive, and highly experienced fighter in the courtroom evolves from his military background. Mr. Ferragut is a veteran and former United States Marine Corps Officer who knows how to fight and win.

Here is an article from 2002 that details Mr. Ferragut's younger days as an attorney. Here are just some of his case results.

Here Are 10 TOP AZ DUI Arrest Secrets: 

Viewing a auto accident in Arizona probably caused by a DUI; it probably required a criminal lawyer to defend the perpetrator..

  1. Refusing a Blood or Breath Test is Not an Admission of Guilt: However, a breath or blood test refusal in Arizona will trigger an automatic 1 year suspension of driver’s license. To add to that, the police will still likely be able to obtain a search warrant from a judge to have the breath or blood sample taken so be wise about this. You will take your chances if you refuse and could be subject to an automatic loss of license (which can be challenged).
  2. If You Refuse the Test You Will NOT "Definitely" Lose Your License for One Year: Here is the truth – you will not definitely lose your license if you refuse the breath or blood test – but again you take your chances as in number 1 above.
  3. You Can Win a Breath or Blood Test Result DUI - It is Not Hopeless: However, it will depend on the level of alcohol in your blood stream and the ability to retrograde the analysis. This is a scientific test that is done to verify the competency of the results. The results will hold up in court, regardless of which way they go.
  4. Field Sobriety Tests Are Not Reliable in Regards to Alcohol Impairment: By Arizona law, they are not determinate of impairment but are used by law enforcement as tools to determine if there is probable cause to do further testing. This testing will probably include a breath or blood test.
  5. You Will Not Definitely Get 10 Days in Jail for a 1st DUI Arrest: Normally on a first time DUI with a blood alcohol content below .150- the standard plea offer is 10 days jail. However, 9 days of the jail sentence will be suspended upon completion of alcohol screening and treatment classes. This results in 1 day of actual jail time.
  1. The Intoxilyzer 5000 (standard state-administered breath test), Is Not Always Accurate - You Can Defeat It in Court (Preferably With Legal Counsel): It has been shown that the accuracy of the test results can be challenged for lack of proper care, maintenance and calibration of the testing equipment.
  2. The Legal Limit of 0.08 BAC is Not Necessarily Drunk: However, BAC of .08 is presumed to be the impairment level by Arizona statute.
  3. You Don't Have to Pay a Court Appointed Attorney Before You Go to Court: You are within your legal limits to opt for a private counsel who will probably serve you better than your public defender, simply because the public defender's case load is extremely high and they work a standard week. Your private counsel will do whatever it takes to help keep you get lower fines, keep you out of jail and if at all possible, have you found innocent.
  4. If Your Attorney Insists You to Plead Guilty at Your Arraignment, He Probably Could Do a Much Better Job: No person accused of a crime should be pleading guilty at an Arraignment. An Arraignment starts the process and there is a lot of investigation, research, and legal challenges to the charges that needs to take place before ever pleading guilty. An attorney who advises a client to plead guilty at an Arraignment has not done his/her job and is not effectively representing the client.
  5. Good Lawyers Are Not Cheap, and Cheap Lawyers Can Cost You a Lot: Like anything else in life…you get what you pay for. A highly qualified, skilled, and experienced attorney can make the difference between freedom and imprisonment. Although, hiring a cheap or inexpensive attorney may save money in the short term; it may end up being a very costly and risky decision in the long term.

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