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Top Rated Shoplifting Lawyer in Navajo County

Top Rated Shoplifting Lawyer in Navajo CountyIf you have been charged with shoplifting, we can help you. We are highly experienced and successful in defending shoplifting charges. Call us today so we can provide you with a free consultation and advise you of your rights. Please call us at 602-324-5300 and ask for your free consultation.

Shoplifting is a theft charge in Arizona. Because it is punishable depending on how much the goods were worth in retail value, you are going to want to speak with the top rated shoplifting lawyer in Navajo CountyAZ.

But first, you might be asking: What exactly is shoplifting?

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What is Considered to be Shoplifting in Arizona?

According to the law, shoplifting occurs when someone purposefully does one or more of the following:

* Takes goods out of a store (or marked area, if so designated by signage) without paying for them.
* Pays for goods but has changed the price tag or otherwise defeated the store’s pricing system. This with the intent of paying a lower price than should have been paid for the merchandise.
* Charges goods to a fake or fictitious person.
* Transfers goods from one holding container to another with the intent of paying a lower price.
* Conceals goods in an effort to prevent paying for them.

There is also a mental statement in the shoplifting law that essentially states whether there was a purposeful intent to commit the act by knowingly committing the act or using a device to help facilitate committing the act. Of course, these things may be subjectively acted upon by a judge or jury. Therefore the best thing to do to defend these charges in the best light for yourself is to hire a top rated shoplifting lawyer in Navajo County.

Defending With a Top Rated Shoplifting Lawyer in Navajo County

Shoplifting charges have several possible defenses, with the primary defense stating that you did not knowingly commit the act. There are two possible scenarios here – first, you may have not realized that you took merchandise out of the store without paying for it. In other words, you knew about the merchandise but didn’t realize it wasn’t paid for.

The second possible scenario is that you left the store, but forgot about the merchandise. This can occur if you placed merchandise in a larger container such as a garbage container or at the bottom of the shopping cart for example. The checkout person did not catch this, or if you self-checked out, you didn’t catch the error. In effect, you did not realize that there was merchandise on your person that wasn’t paid for.

A third possible defense was that you did not understand where the boundaries of the legal limits were. You then accidentally removed the merchandise from the legal area without knowing where the boundary was.

Regardless of what actually happened, there is one most important consideration if you or your loved one has been charged with shoplifting. Unless you are absolutely sure you can immediately prove you were not shoplifting, such as you can produce a ‘lost’ receipt for the goods, call a highly experienced top rated shoplifting lawyer in Navajo County as soon as possible. Your lawyer can listen to the entire story from your side and advise you of the best next to take. If you try to do this alone without the advice of a trusted attorney, you may end up getting yourself in much more trouble, and very quickly at that.

Punishments for Shoplifting in Arizona

Shoplifting in Arizona carries severe consequences. Except where the merchandise is valued at less than $1000 all charges in regard to this crime are considered to be felonies. If the goods are under $1000 it is a Class 1 Misdemeanor, punishable by up to 6 months in jail and up to $2500 fine plus a large surcharge.

As the retail value of the goods goes up, so does the punishment. If you have any questions at all about potential punishments for shoplifting or need a criminal defense lawyer to help you, call the top rated shoplifting lawyer in Navajo County today at 602-324-5300.

You could represent yourself in a shoplifting case against you. However, do you really think that would be a good idea? Consider how emotionally invested you are in the case. Are you capable of and distant enough from the case to represent yourself effectively? Do you have the knowledge to do represent yourself? Do you know the laws? Do you know the courtroom procedures?

Remember this is your life you are talking about. Do you want to take a chance that you or an ineffectual lawyer will defend you properly? As you can see, you probably just want to hire the best shoplifting lawyer in Navajo County.

Do You Need a Shoplifting Lawyer?

Have you or someone you know been charged or arrested for shoplifting, burglary, theft or larceny?. It is important to protect your rights by calling a skilled shoplifting lawyer in Navajo County. Ulises Ferragut Jr., Attorney of The Ferragut Law Firm, will provide a free consultation and speak with you personally about legal representation. He has the experience and knowledge to do what it takes. He can support you and achieve the most favorable outcome in regards to your charges. You are our number 1 priority.

Theft is a crime that can negatively impact your ability to keep your job or seek employment. It also may affect your immigration status which can result in deportation. To help prevent any negative consequences resulting from your charges, call the top rated shoplifting lawyer in Navajo County today at 602-324-5300.

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