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Top Rated Sexual Assault Lawyer Buckeye AZ

Top Rated Sexual Assault Lawyer Buckeye AZ
Have you or a loved one been charged with sexual assault? Looking for a top rated sexual assault lawyer Buckeye AZ? We will go into a general discussion of sexual assault, what it is and the potential punishments.

But first, you might be feeling very nervous right now. You may be afraid of what could happen to you or your loved one. You may be looking for someone that really cares that you or your loved one does not get punished for a crime they did not commit. Or, if a crime was committed, they are not charged wrongly.

Know that we care that this is the case for you and your loved ones. We want the best for you and we are here for you. We can help you right away by answering all of your questions for no charge. Please call us for your free consultation at any time. Our phone number is 602-324-5300.

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What is Sexual Assault in Buckeye AZ?

Sexual assault is a general term that includes performing one or more of several different crimes. In Arizona, sexual assault is the act of intercourse or oral sex with any other person without their consent. This is a Class 2 Felony in Arizona. If the victim is under 15 years old, the offense becomes a “dangerous crime against children.” At that point, the consequences become much more severe because children under the age of 15 cannot provide consent in the State of Arizona. If you have been charged with this, you will need a top rated sexual assault lawyer Buckeye AZ. Rape is considered to be a form of sexual assault. Therefore, it is punishable under the sexual assault laws.

Additionally, aggravated circumstances occur when a date rape drug is used or if the defendant intentionally and seriously physically harmed the victim during the time the crime took place. Alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs given to the victim may be considered to be date rape drugs, but the most punishable is when drugs such as flunitrazepam (Rohypnol), gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), gamma-butyrolactone (GBL), or ketamine are given because they can be induced without the other person’s knowledge or consent, such as through a soft drink.

A person can be considered to not consent under the following conditions:

  • The victim was coerced while having a mental disorder or defect, or if drugs, alcohol, or any other impairment was present.
  • The victim was not under the specific impression that the sexual act was about to occur.
  • The defendant pretended to be the victim’s spouse and intentionally deceived the victim under those circumstances.

What happens after the trial process to the defendant:

First, it should be noted that punishment ONLY takes place with a conviction. Not only that, but also when that conviction is not challenged. If challenged (appealed) and the defendant is still found guilty, then the conviction is kept. The conviction is overturned if the result of the appeal is that the defendant is found innocent.

If the defendant is found to be not-guilty, the charges do not stick. There is no conviction. However, it should be noted that especially during high-profile (very newsworthy cases that are covered by major media on their respective platforms or the Internet) cases, the social stigma against that person may still remain. There is one thing that is extremely important to the case and to the general public. If a defendant is found to be not-guilty, it must be a knock-out defense. Only a top rated sexual assault lawyer Buckeye AZ will be able to convince both the jury AND the public of the defendant’s innocence and remove the social stigma that occurred.

Several punishments exist in the case that a sexual assault defendant is found guilty of the crime(s) in Buckeye AZ Arizona. First and foremost, the defendant will be required to register as a sex offender in Arizona. That means that anytime the defendant moves, he or she is required to register with the local authorities and they will then send out a notice to the community surrounding the sex offender’s new address their information.

It must be noted that this notification is not a license to harass the offender! They still have their right to privacy and a life of the American Way, less any rights they have lost as a sex offending felon such as potentially their voting rights, ability to own a firearm, and their ability to be around others such as ordered by the court.

Punishments for sexual assault defendants:

If you have been charged with sexual assault in Arizona, you need a strong defense. Regardless of which attorney you choose, please do yourself the huge favor. Pay for a private attorney. Using the public defender may save you money in the short term. However, we hear horror stories of defendants that have used the public defender.

Not because they are bad lawyers. Many of them are great lawyers with a lot of experience. The reason for the horror stories using a public defender is because they don’t have the time to fully research your case and give you the best chances of either getting off or getting the charges reduced as much as possible. Public defenders have a huge case load, and may handle dozens of cases every week. Plus they are on time constraints. Most public defenders don’t even have the time in the day to speak with the accused defendants. You may not even SEE the public defender until the court date!

Defendants that use a public defender have a greater chance of longer prison sentences, not having charges reduced, and paying much more in fines and other fees.

As you can see, using a private attorney has a very good chance of saving you money in the long run. It can save you from greater prison time. The private attorney also has a greater chance of reducing your charges or getting you off completely.

If you can find any way at all to afford the private attorney, do so. Your life is on the line! If you choose NOT to afford a private lawyer, you are playing with fire. That fire could be the time you spend in prison.

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