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Phoenix Domestic Violence Charges Can Hurt You For Life

Have you been charged with domestic violence? Domestic violence charges in Phoenix can be overwhelming to deal with. You may not have even done anything considered to be violent, yet you can still be charged with DV. After that, you have an arraignment to attend where you will make a plead. If you say the wrong things, the law will not be on your side.

If you plead guilty, you will certainly suffer legal consequences. If you plead not guilty, you’ll need to go through further legal proceedings to determine your guilt or innocence. If you’re found guilty, the fines can be steep – many 100’s if not thousands of dollars. You may be required to attend counseling with some or all of your family, anger counseling, and you may be on probation for an extended period of time.

Acts of domestic violence aren’t taken lightly by our court system. That’s because the people involved are highly emotionally tied to each other. When this occurs and feelings are very strong, attempts to curb the behavior may not succeed, especially with people that have previous drug crimes, sex crimes, and other felony offenses behind them. Many times people that are involved in a domestic violence incident may unfortunately also be close to divorce. In that case, the state’s family law will come into play.

top rated domestic violence lawyer in Phoenix AZAs you can tell, there are many unanswered questions that will be answered by the State. If you are going at this alone, you will most likely not come out ahead. We offer a free consultation so please take advantage of that. Just give us a call today at 602-324-5300. Many solid defenses are possible regarding domestic violence charges and we can provide the assistance you need. With over 20 years’ experience providing successful defense for charges stemming from domestic violence, we have the knowledge and toughness to uncover the complete story so the court will view your true actions in the most favorable light for you.

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How Does the Law Define Domestic Violence in Arizona?

Domestic violence in Phoenix and all of Arizona is a purposeful and willful abuse and/or attack against someone that you live with. For this to be considered to be domestic violence, you must have or have had some sort of relationship with the other person, either romantic, sexually intimate, by marital relationship. For example, you could have kids with each other by adopting them or by natural means. Domestic violence can also be considered between roommates in the same residence. It’s also possible that you may not be roommates currently but you were at some time in the past. (ARS 13-3601 A1 – see sources below). The alleged abuse can be physical, psychological, sexually-related, or even monetary.

When we consider the term domestic violence, we believe the more widely known physical and also sexual abusive actions. These actions are thought to be domestic violence if they take place with the individual as named above.

No matter what type of DV you were charged with, you’re still innocent until proven guilty. However, in Arizona, domestic violence can lead to a night in jail for one of the people involved just to separate them. Many times people under the influence of alcohol or drugs are the ones involved so after the police have been called into the situation, they will make a determination as to who goes where for the time being. Everyone’s safety is their top priority no matter whose fault it is.

After the emotionally charged situation is over, you will seriously want to consider talking to an attorney. They know the law and can help you understand the best way to handle the situation. Working with a leading domestic violence lawyer in Phoenix will make your day in court the best it can be..

What Can Happen in a Domestic Violence Conviction?

If you’re found guilty of domestic violence, your entire life could be altered forever. This doesn’t have anything to do with possible penalties or prison time that might be designated to you as effects of the verdict. This relates to changes in your life that the court imposes. And that’s exactly why you need to consider hiring a Phoenix domestic violence lawyer.

Many issues can stem from domestic violence in the home, and that’s what the system is attempting to control. These things include emotional abuse, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and other acts that can result in AZ domestic violence charges. Many times a charge of aggravated assault will be the result of a domestic violence call to law enforcement and a restraining order could be issued.

The police may even need to get an emergency order, depending on the family situation. You’ll want to document everything so you can provide it to your criminal defense attorney. While determining their best strategy to help the parties involved, the police will have to take child custody into account. Even if you can claim self-defense in your domestic violence defense claim, an emergency order of protection could still be given against you.

This is what could happen: you may have to attend anger control classes and/or other psychological therapies. If the court-ordered treatments are not followed by you, additional consequences will definitely be imposed. The court will tell you what those are at your sentencing.

Domestic violence charges can’t be taken lightly – you must go through the process. Essentially, your life is now in the hands of the State. They only care about one thing, when it comes down to it – that the parties are punished in a way that it won’t happen again. They have too many cases to take your individual situation into account, especially in a big city like Phoenix. Don’t let the State run or dictate your life – you can get that free consultation with us today and see if you can get out of the charges.

Call us today at 602-324-5300 we’ll respond to the tough questions for you at no expense to you, as well as tell you just how they can help you in dealing with the charges.

Should You Consider Representing Yourself?

You could defend yourself against the domestic violence charges – our country guarantees that we have that freedom, should we choose it. This essentially suggests that you can be your very own attorney. What do you think would happen if you did represent yourself?

On the positive side, you won’t need to pay anyone. You won’t have someone speaking for you and saying things that you may not agree with. It’s just you. That’s about it for the positives.

Let’s talk about the negatives now:

First, you probably don’t know or understand courtroom procedure, except for maybe what you watched on TV. Well, that’s great, but what’s wrong with that? Let’s just say that no good lawyer got their education from watching Perry Mason or Criminal Justice. If you don’t observe proper procedure, you might find yourself in jail – just for contempt of court!

Next, you need to be aware of domestic violence law in Arizona. What does that comprise of? A lot of pages of legal mumbo jumbo that most people have no clue about. This means that if you read a law incorrectly you won’t understand it, and you won’t be able to properly defend against it. This also means that your arguments won’t hold up in court, you will look badly to the judge, and he or she will have little compassion for you.

Do you see where this is leading? If you choose to defend yourself against the State for your domestic violence charges, you will most likely lose. You will most likely be given the harshest penalties including possible jail time, very high fines, probation, counseling requirements, and anything else the State decides to cook up for you.

Is all of that worth your life?

Choose the Best Phoenix Domestic Violence Lawyer to Represent You

You can see what it would be like to represent yourself in court. Why take that chance with your life – the life you’ve spent years building on and making it the best it can be, all to be destroyed by a really bad decision? Don’t let the courts or the prosecuting attorney abuse your civil rights – get a knowledgeable domestic violence attorney today.

At The Ferragut Law Firm, we have the resources, the knowledge, the abilities, the aggressiveness, as well as the experience to combat the most difficult fight for you. We’ve handled many domestic violence cases over the years so we know what to expect.

We’ll do everything possible in the legal realm to get your domestic violence case dismissed so you can go on to live your life without court-ordered consequences that can change your life for good. Call The Ferragut Law Firm to do battle for you today at 602-324-5300.

Resources: Arizona Legislative Statute 13-3601

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