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Sex Crimes Attorney Phoenix Arizona

Whenever a person is charged with a sex-related offense, he or she faces an uphill battle in defending him or herself. Despite the presumption of innocence being one of our nation’s most cherished and longstanding rights, those facing sex-related criminal charges may find that their friends are few and public opinion has turned against them, even before any evidence has been released to the public. These reactions are amplified if the alleged victim is a minor child.

Simply saying that you did not commit the act is not a sufficient defense to these charges. You need an aggressive and experienced defense counsel that can evaluate the government’s evidence and develop a winning strategy to defend your good name. The Ferragut Law Firm has a reputation for successfully defending Arizona citizens charged with serious felony offenses like sex-related crimes. Contact them right away for experienced and zealous legal representation.

Types of Sex Offenses in Arizona

Sexual offenses in Arizona (like similar offenses throughout the country) are severely penalized with long prison sentences. Once released from prison, you can expect to be supervised for a period of time. You may even need to register as a sexual offender for a number of years. This can severely impact your life and livelihood as well as your ability to get a job or continue a career.

Some common sex-related offenses in Arizona include:

  • Indecent exposure. This offense requires proof that you exposed your genitals, anus, and/or breasts to another person and that other person could have been alarmed or offended. If the victim of this offense was 15 years of age or over, you are facing a prison sentence. If the victim is younger, this offense is a felony and carries a presumptive prison sentence of one year.
  • Public sexual indecency. Public sexual indecency alleges that you committed an act of sexual contact, sexual intercourse or oral sex, or an act of bestiality in the presence of a victim. The “victim” need not be the person upon whom these acts are committed; instead, the victim need only be in your presence when these actions are committed and be alarmed or offended by the act.
  • Sexual abuse. Sexual contact with a person over the age of 15 without that person’s consent, or sexual contact with the breast of a victim under the age of 15, is sexual abuse. The presumptive prison sentence for this offense can range from 18 months to 42 months depending on the age of the victim.
  • Sexual assault. Sexual assault is sometimes referred to as rape and involves having sexual intercourse or oral sex with another person without that person’s consent. A first offense can be punished by a presumptive sentence of 7 years; additional convictions can raise this presumption to nearly 16 years in prison.
  • Sexual Conduct with a Minor and Child Molestation. When adult engages in sexual conduct with a minor – the adult can be charged with a crime – even if the minor consented. Depending on the nature of the sexual conduct, the penalties can be severe and include prison and/or lifetime probation and registration as a sex-offender.

What To Do After Being Charged with a Sex Offense

If you, a family member or friend have been charged and need a sex crimes attorney Phoenix Arizona, you must take immediate action in order to protect your rights and increase your chances of a successful outcome. Do not talk with the police or make statements to others until you have spoken with a criminal defense attorney. Your statements – even if made with the best of intentions – can come back to haunt you. Think carefully about the dates the police are alleging you committed the acts and make a note of what you were doing and who can verify these details. Mr. Ferragut may also be able to argue several affirmative defenses depending on the facts of your case.

Arizona sex crime defense attorney Ulises A. Ferragut, Jr. is highly experienced in helping those charged with serious sex crimes defend themselves and their good name. He will carefully evaluate your situation and develop a strategy that may defeat the government’s evidence as quickly as possible. Call the Ferragut Law Firm today at 602-324-5300 or at 602-370-4597 for assistance at night and on weekends.

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Drug Crime Defense Attorney in Phoenix Arizona

Americans’ attitudes toward drug use and possession are ever changing. Younger individuals tend to see nothing wrong with consuming and possessing small amounts of marijuana. Even older Americans are beginning to support measures to legalize possession of some small amounts of marijuana. Those who do not support drug possession and use may still disagree with current laws that punish those found in possession of drugs with prison sentences.

Unfortunately, current state and federal laws have not generally caught up with public sentiment. In Arizona and elsewhere, possession of certain drugs is still a criminal offense. This is true even if the amount of the drug is small, is for personal use, or was purchased legally in another state. Depending on the drug and its weight, drug offenses can result in a prison sentences and/or fines. Even if you are placed on probation or supervision, you can expect stringent restrictions placed on you that must be met.

After being charged with a drug crime, you may be tempted to admit guilt or comply with the police, either believing you have been caught “red-handed” or thinking that your offense is not that serious. Instead, you should contact The Ferragut Law Firm and speak with an experienced drug crime attorney Phoenix Arizona. There may be ways to reduce your charges, mitigate the penalties you are facing, or eliminate the charges all together.

Drug Crime Descriptions

Aside from simple possession of a drug, there are a number of other drug-related charges that you may face. Most of these charges are premised on the idea of being in “possession” of prohibited items. “Possession” has a specific legal definition: knowingly exercising dominion or physical control over the item. Thus, you may be charged and convicted of “possessing” an item that belongs to a passenger in your car or guest in your house if the government can prove that you knew that the other person had drugs or illegal items and you were in a position where you could exercise control over the item. For example, you can be convicted of drug possession if you pick up a friend who places a baggie of cocaine on the dashboard between the two of you in your view – even if you never touch the cocaine.

Some of the most common drug-related crimes that are charged and prosecuted in Arizona include:

  • Possession of illegal drugs: Being found in possession of illegal drugs can include possessing any quantity of marijuana, narcotics such as cocaine and heroin, and/or possessing dangerous drugs like methamphetamine, ecstasy and clonazepam. In the case of marijuana, your sentence can depend on the quantity of drugs.

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