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How To Get A Cheap Criminal Lawyer in Phoenix AZ For Under $500


Cheap Criminal lawyer in Phoenix AZAre you looking for a cheap criminal lawyer in Phoenix AZ? What kind of a case are you looking to defend? A DUI? Drug charges? Shoplifting or theft? Perhaps a sex crime or white collar crime? Or possibly a homicide case?

There are many criminal lawyers in the Phoenix AZ area that can help you. Let me ask you this – why are you looking for a cheap criminal lawyer in Phoenix AZ for under $500? Is it because you really cannot pay the money for an affordable criminal lawyer?

Or is it because perhaps you have money budgeted for something else and you would prefer not to use that money for a good defense attorney?

About Not Such A Cheap Criminal Lawyer in Phoenix AZ For Under $500

Really good defense attorneys are usually not cheap, and you will most definitely not find a good one for under $500 to defend a criminal case in Phoenix AZ.

But let’s say on the off chance that you actually found a cheap criminal lawyer in Phoenix AZ and are considering hiring him or her to defend your case.

There are some really important questions that you should ask any attorney you are considering for hire – after all your life or your loved one’s life is at stake here, right?

Questions to Ask Any Attorney Before Hiring Them

  • Will you be able to get me or my loved one off the charges or at least get them reduced? How do you know?
  • How can I fully trust that you will do everything in your power to defend my case?
  • How can I trust that you have the knowledge to do so?
  • Will you speak up for me in court? Would you be afraid to speak up to the judge or prosecutor in defending me?
  • What are your credentials?
  • When did you graduate law school (are you a recent graduate)?
  • Are you currently licensed by the State Bar?
  • What do your Google or Yelp reviews look like?
  • What cases have you recently defended?
  • Were you successful? Why or why not?
  • Who actually works with the clients, you or a junior attorney?
  • Based on what you know so far, what do you estimate the charges to be to defend the case?

After you have asked all those questions, you really need to take a good hard look at those answers.

  1. Is this attorney (or the law firm) someone that you can fully trust to defend you or your loved one?
  2. Would you put your life on the line to let this person defend you?

If you answered “no” to either one of those questions, trust your gut instinct and find someone else to defend you or your loved one. It is not worth risking the consequences of an inept or non-timely attorney to represent you!

Is the Cheap Criminal Attorney the Right One For Me?

Go and visit other attorneys. Any attorney should give you a free consultation, not just a cheap criminal lawyer in Phoenix AZ. First, ask them the questions above – all of them. Be CERTAIN that you are completely comfortable with that person because if you hire them, you are allowing them to take your (or your loved one’s) life in their hands!

Then, take the time to fully explain your case. The things you should fully explain are:

  • Your background
  • Whether you have been in trouble with the law before
  • If you have been in trouble before, what any of those events were and whether you were convicted
  • Your marital status and whether you have kids
  • Your employment situation and how long you have been at your current employer
  • The events that led up to the alleged crime
  • What actually happened at the crime
  • Why you think you should not be convicted or why you would qualify for a reduced sentence
  • Anything else that pertains to the case that you can think of

Now is the time to decide if this attorney is the one for you. Is this a cheap criminal attorney in Phoenix AZ? The answer, if you have done your homework, is NO! Why?

Looking For That Cheap Criminal Attorney in Phoenix AZ? The Real Answer:

Here is the answer to that question – and I am not going to hold back:

Cheap attorneys are not experienced attorneys. They will take more time to do the job, they will be afraid to speak out in court in your defense, they will not completely know courtroom procedure, and they may even find themselves in jail! Remember the movie My Cousin Vinny? Like that. But not funny for you in this case.

Cheap attorneys do not know the law as well as experienced attorneys. They may not be able to speak up for you because they don’t know any better.

Cheap attorneys need to have more clients on their plate so they can pay their bills. Expect that your time with them will be extremely limited, and they will not have the time to fully research your case because they are wondering how they are going to pay their bills charging so little money.

Cheap attorneys overall are not good attorneys most of the time. They might be cheap because no one will hire them because they have a bad reputation.


Given everything stated here, do you REALLY want to find the cheap criminal attorney in Phoenix AZ and hire him or her, and put your life in their hands?

If you cannot afford a good attorney, find a way to afford it. Here are some very good ideas to help you afford a good criminal attorney and not a cheap one:

  • Ask the lawyer if they take a payment plan – some will and some won’t but it’s good to at least ask
  • Borrow the money from a credit card – most good attorneys will take credit cards as payment
  • Borrow the money from a friend or relative with the understanding that you may not be able to pay them back for a long time.
  • Ask for extra hours at work so you can take home extra money
  • Take on a part time job on top of the other(s) that you are working
  • Take a 2nd mortgage out on your home.
  • Worst case – take a title loan out on your vehicle – these are ridiculously expensive. Many of them charge over 100% PER MONTH in interest so please only use this as an absolute last resort.

We at The Ferragut Law Firm can help you defend your case. We are experienced. We are tough. And we are successful. But we are not cheap. But now you don’t want cheap, right? 

Call us today to set up a free consultation appointment – the number is 602-324-5300. We are here for you – the experienced, tough, aggressive and successful law firm in Phoenix AZ. Call today!

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