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Top Rated Domestic Violence Lawyer in Yuma County

Have you been charged with domestic violence? If you have questions call us today at 602-324-5300. There are many solid defenses for domestic violence charges and we can help. With over 20 years’ experience defending domestic violence charges, we have the knowledge and toughness to uncover the whole story so the court looks at your true actions in the most favorable light possible.

top rated domestic violence lawyer in Yuma CountyDomestic violence is a charge that must not be taken lightly – you could lose access to the ones you love, pay fines, or suffer additional consequences. These things should not happen to good people. Don’t take the domestic violence charge laying down – get the top rated domestic violence lawyer in Yuma County on your side today. We can help you fight those domestic violence charges and get your life back to where it was.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence in Arizona is a purposeful abuse against someone that the accused person lives with. The alleged victim must have or had some type of relationship with the accused, either romantic, sexual, by marriage, have children together (naturally or by adoption) or by blood. It can also be two persons living as roommates in the same home or that did live as roommates in the same home (ARS 13-3601 A1 – see resources below). The abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, or even financial.

When we think of the term domestic violence, we think of the more well-known physical and sexual abuse actions. However, many other actions are also considered to be abuse. These actions can have legal consequences so it is important to be knowledgeable of the facts. These actions include stalking, harassment – no matter what the communication method (including phone), intimidation or other threatening words or conduct, and photographing or watching or recording the person without permission. These actions are considered to be domestic violence if they occur with a person as named above.

Regardless of the type of abuse, it must be proven in a court of law. It is no different than any other legal charge against a person living in Arizona. Having hired a top rated domestic violence lawyer in Yuma County will help give you the best chances of a fair trial and provide you with your best outcome.

Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction

Here is why you need to hire a top rated domestic violence lawyer in Yuma County: If you are convicted of domestic violence, your world could be changed forever. This has nothing to do with potential fines or jail time that may be assigned to you as consequences of the charge. This has to do with changes to your life that the court imposes. You may be subject to anger management classes or other psychological treatments, for example. If you do not follow through with the court-ordered treatments, you may be subject to additional consequences which will be made known to you upon your conviction.

You may also lose total access to your loved ones. This could include your spouse or other loved ones, especially your children. Depending on the severity of your case, the court may issue a permanent order of protection against you. You spent your life building those blocks, and the court could take everything away if you are convicted of the domestic violence charges. You will suffer the consequences the court chooses to give you.

The consequences will change how you live your life for a long time, if not for the rest of your life. If you want to fight these charges, you need to hire the top rated domestic violence lawyer Yuma County offers. Do you have questions about your domestic violence charges? Call The Ferragut Law Firm today and schedule a free consultation at 602-324-5300. The Ferragut Law Firm will answer the tough questions for you at no cost to you, and tell you how they can help you fight those charges.

Should You Defend Your Own Domestic Violence Charge?

Our laws do allow a person to represent and defend themselves in a court of law. This effectively means that you are your own lawyer. However, representing yourself against domestic violence charges is going to be a difficult journey. You will need to become educated about the laws of domestic violence.

For example, you will need to know what constitutes domestic violence. You will also want to know the consequences. The laws were written by lawyers in legal language. If you want to represent yourself, you will need to have them interpreted for you, or interpret the laws yourself. This also says nothing about courtroom procedure, which in itself is challenging. Not following proper courtroom procedure can have significant consequences and completely devalue any kind of case you had for yourself.

The point being that you really do not want to represent yourself in a domestic violence case against you. You are too emotionally invested to represent yourself effectively. Unless you went to law school, you will not have the knowledge to do so, either. You want to hire the best domestic violence lawyer Yuma County has to offer.

Choose the Top Rated Domestic Violence Lawyer in Yuma County Today

Call The Ferragut Law Firm to represent you in your domestic violence case. We have the resources, the knowledge, the skills, the aggressiveness, and the experience to fight the toughest fight for you. We can get you the most positive outcome from your charges. We will do everything legally possible to get your domestic violence charges dismissed so you can go on and live your life without court-ordered consequences what could change your life forever. Call us to fight for you today at 602-324-5300.

Resources: Arizona Legislative Statute 13-3601
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